Rental Cars: 5 Tips to Avoid a High Bill

You’ve been thinking lately, “Boy, it’d be really nice to get away!” haven’t you? Whether it be a sandy beach or a mountainous hike, your heart is set on hitting the road!

Potholes: Can I File a Claim with My City?

The natural freezing and thawing of our roads throughout winter heading into spring creates some gnarly potholes on our roads.

Teen Driving 101: Teaching Your Teen Good Driving Habits

It’s bittersweet – handing the keys over to your teen and watching them embrace their first taste of independence. Like most parents, you’re more nervous for them to start driving than they are themselves!

Distracted Driving: Understanding the Triple-Threat Behind Distraction

Distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of car accidents in the U.S., resulting in nearly 390,000 injuries every year and causing 3,166 deaths in 2017 alone.

5 Easy Steps to Organize Your Garage

While your garage can double as a storage space, it is still the most ideal location to store your vehicle. Storing your vehicle in the garage will not only help keep it cleaner, but also protect it from damage like bird droppings, vandalism, UV exposure, tree sap, etc.